Stock Items

Stock Items

TEKFAB Stock Items

TEKFAB is working to combat industry wide, growing lead times by offering various stock items.  Request a quote below, and receive a formal quote within 1-2 business days.

6K Double Uncoiler

-Up to 300 FPM

-16″-20″ mandrel capacity

-Link type extension for longer life and greater stability

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Slotted Track FTS

-Made with galvanized and cold roll steel

-65 KSI max yield

-100 FPM products with 200 FPM upgrade optional

-+/- .010″ hole tolerance

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Step Flashing Line

-Feeds, cuts, forms, and stacks parts

-Made with galvanized and cold roll steel

-33-50 KSI yield strength

-+/-1/16″ tolerance

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Drywall Line – Rotary, Roll Former, Cutoff

-Variable to 500 FPM

-Includes AMS controller

-Large and small keyhole

-+/- 1/8″ tolerance

-50 KSI min yield

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18 ft. Powered Offload Table

-Intended to operate at 300 FPM

-2 adjustable pneumatic kickers with sensors to detect variable part lengths

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Accu-Rack System (Roller Rack)

-Press base and 3-axis adjustable sub-base

-Flying carriage with space for 6 independent hydraulic presses

-Closed loop servo accelerator with Accu-Rack assembly

-2 base-mounted hydraulic accumulators

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CWP Straightener

-Entry and exit pinch rolls x 2.75″ diameter

-Air operated entry pinch roll adjustments

-Seven straightening roll adjustments

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Open Loop Prepunch

-Extended travel and rail length

-Pneumatic boost and return cylinders

-Center line adjustable +/- 2″

-Hydraulic valve stand with ductile iron manifold



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Rollformer 12-12″RS (Used)

-Variable up to 200 FPM

-Stand alone controls included

-Includes 12 station Yoder forming machine, 1.5″ spindles, drive package, straightener


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January 31, 2022