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We are the technological leader in the manufacturing of State-of-the-Art, High Speed Punching, Cutting and Material Handling Equipment for the Metal Forming Industry.

TEKFAB also designs and builds a wide variety of products including part stackers, offload tables, powered material carts, uncoilers and full rollforming machine systems. As businesses look to become leaner and more efficient, TEKFAB is ahead of the curve when it comes to demanding applications.


Full range of TEKFAB engineered and manufactured mills.  Also offering complete refurbish/overhaul of existing systems.


Turn-Key Solutions

Stand-alone systems or integrated components for existing equipment, TEKFAB is a one-stop solutions provider & design-build partner.

Turn Key Production Lines

TEKFAB Technology

Industry leading hydraulic punching and cutting, engineering, high-speed / safe automated systems, and U.S. made quality components.

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Customer Testimonials

  • Thanks again for the absolutely great support! I continue to be impressed with your entire team! As we are recognized as the fastest response supplier to the construction industry, delivering 100% on-time with same day service across the midwest it is imperitive that we have exceptional machine productivity and uptime. Your team has reponded to 4 "emergencies" in the past 6 weeks with world class support.   Our team at MBA appreciates this and recognizes that you are setting the standard for excellence in service and support. Please forward this to your team.   Thanks again!
    MBA Building SuppliesMBA Building Supplies
  • In 2008, we decided to purchase a Drywall Stacker for our high speed line (Up to 500 FPM) that runs 1 5/8” – 6” Studs and Track. We already had two other Stud Stackers in our facilities from another manufacturer. I sent out a request for quote to several manufacturers that sell this type of equipment including the manufacturer of the two we currently had. I met with each of these manufacturers and went over our expectations and was shown video’s from a few. When it came down to a final decision, I was convinced in the quality and reliability of the Stacker that was offered by TekFab. While they were not the cheapest, the equipment is built to last. Once the Purchase Order was issued, I started receiving weekly updates on the progress of the equipment, up until the day it was loaded to ship to our facility. We arranged with TekFab for us to put the equipment in line ourselves in order to save some money and would call them when we were ready for them to come out for start up. Start up consisted of: Making final connections of Electrical, Air, Hydraulics, etc. TekFab came out when we were ready and had the line running in one day. We have been very pleased with the equipment and if we ever add another Stud Stacker, it will be one from TekFab.
  • I have been dealing with TEKFAB and its employees for over five years. Their equipment is reliable and has met my expectations in all cases. They have been instrumental in helping improve my operation by providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems. TEKFAB is prompt in resolving any issues that arise and they are more than willing to answer any questions that we have. In my 15 years of experience, TEKFAB leads the pack when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction.
    Steel Structural Systems, LLC.Steel Structural Systems, LLC.
  • The service you have supplied me has been fantastic.  Technical support has been great.  I have 4 stackers here and they all run great.  Anytime I need anything it’s no problem to get it and you guys have it here as soon as possible.  I do not have a single complaint about your stackers, service or technical support.  Thanks for your help
    Clark WesternClark Western
  • I have been generally very pleased with The service and support we have received from the people at TEKFAB. They are very knowledgeable about what they do, and the quality of the work they do is excellent. The three machines they have built for our facility are easy to operate with little training. These machines have greatly reduced the repetitive labour, danger and costly mistakes from the jobs they do. Parts are delivered as promptly as possible, and without error. TEKFAB has done everything they can to meet our unique production needs. Problems, uncommon but not unexpected with custom-built equipment, Have been dealt with professionally and with full support of their staff. Long-term reliability has proven to be good. I would recommend TEKFAB's services to anyone who needs a machine to do a demanding job exactly the way they want it done.
    Thomas & BettsThomas & Betts