High Speed Stud & Track Lines

High Speed Stud & Track Lines

High Speed Stud and Track Lines


All of us here at TEKFAB are excited to announce that we recently delivered a newly designed Light Gauge Stud & Track Line…the TEK-LG+ This compact, high-speed system produces Stud and Track products at speeds of 500+ FPM, using servo-driven, post-punch & cut technology.

With an easy-to-use operator interface, and our industry leading stacker / master bundler system, the TEK-LG+ can be safely run at full-speed by a single operator. In addition, the auto-adjust panel mill with a set of Stud / Track roll tooling and quick-change cut & punch tooling, will minimize downtime and maximize production rates.

Key features of the TEK-LG+ include:

  • 500+ FPM Track / Up to 400 FPM Stud**
  • Open-Loop, Hydraulic Flying Post-Punch (Avoid the headaches of Rotary Punching).
  • Closed-Loop, Hydraulic Flying Post-Cutoff (Significantly reduces end-flare caused by Pre-Shear).
  • Perimeter Guarding with TEK-Guard Safety Interlock on Punch & Cut Base.
  • 10-Pass, Gearbox style Mill with Through-Shafts (more rigid than cantilevered shafts).
  • AISI D-2 Roll Tooling with Side-Pass Stands and Pullover Rolls.
  • Light Curtain Safety System on Mill.
  • Flood Coolant or Roller Lube System.
  • 6K lb., Dual Mandrel Uncoiler with Rotation and Pneumatic Drag Brake.
  • 36’ TEKFAB Stacker / Master Bundler with Bander.
  • Industry Leading Components (Allen Bradley, Indramat, Closed Loop Controller, Parker, Eaton, Hoffman).
  • Fully Integrated at TEKFAB and Delivered Complete and Ready to Run.

**Higher Speeds are available.

Available Options:

  • Single Point Adjustment on Mill for faster Gauge Change-over. Digital Readouts, Anti-Backlash Features, .0005” Parallel Tolerance…Quick and Easy, Reliable and Accurate.
  • 10K lb., Dual Mandrel Uncoiler, Auto Expansion, Side Shift, Rotation, Over-arms.
  • Wireless Jog Pendant.
  • InkJet Printer.
  • Eliminate ALL Roll Tooling Change-over.
  • TEKConnect Web Based Control & Monitoring System.