High Speed Stud and Track Lines

High Speed Stud and Track Lines

High Speed Stud and Track Lines


All of us here at TEKFAB are excited to announce that we recently delivered a newly designed Light Gauge Stud & Track Line…the TEK-LG+ This compact, high-speed system produces Stud and Track products at speeds of 500+ FPM, using servo-driven, post-punch & cut technology.

With an easy-to-use operator interface, and our industry leading stacker / master bundler system, the TEK-LG+ can be safely run at full-speed by a single operator. In addition, the auto-adjust panel mill with a set of Stud / Track roll tooling and quick-change cut & punch tooling, will minimize downtime and maximize production rates.

Key features of the TEK-LG+ include:

  • 500+ FPM Track / Up to 400 FPM Stud**
  • Open-Loop, Hydraulic Flying Post-Punch (Avoid the headaches of Rotary Punching).
  • Closed-Loop, Hydraulic Flying Post-Cutoff (Significantly reduces end-flare caused by Pre-Shear).
  • Perimeter Guarding with TEK-Guard Safety Interlock on Punch & Cut Base.
  • 10-Pass, Gearbox style Mill with Through-Shafts (more rigid than cantilevered shafts).
  • AISI D-2 Roll Tooling with Side-Pass Stands and Pullover Rolls.
  • Light Curtain Safety System on Mill.
  • Flood Coolant or Roller Lube System.
  • 6K lb., Dual Mandrel Uncoiler with Rotation and Pneumatic Drag Brake.
  • 36’ TEKFAB Stacker / Master Bundler with Bander.
  • Industry Leading Components (Allen Bradley, Indramat, Closed Loop Controller, Parker, Eaton, Hoffman).
  • Fully Integrated at TEKFAB and Delivered Complete and Ready to Run.

**Higher Speeds are available.

Available Options:

  • Single Point Adjustment on Mill for faster Gauge Change-over. Digital Readouts, Anti-Backlash Features, .0005” Parallel Tolerance…Quick and Easy, Reliable and Accurate.
  • 10K lb., Dual Mandrel Uncoiler, Auto Expansion, Side Shift, Rotation, Over-arms.
  • Wireless Jog Pendant.
  • InkJet Printer.
  • Eliminate ALL Roll Tooling Change-over.
  • TEKConnect Web Based Control & Monitoring System.