Panel Mill For LG Stud (12 Passes)

Panel Mill For LG Stud (12 Passes)

Drywall Rollforming Mill (12 Stations)

Our TF-20-P Rollformer is designed to form metal framing components at speeds of up to 500 FPM. 

Rollformer Specs

TF-20-SG Panel Mill

Capable of producing 1 5/8″-6″ Stud & Track with Stud flange of 1.25″ and up to 25 gauge

  • 12 forming stands, telescopic style
  • Back side justified
  • Panels mounted on linear bearings and rails
  • Steel skirted construction with machined top plate
  • 50HP motor and VFD
  • 2.0” thru-spindle diameter with 2.5” OD sleeves
  • Stop blocks (gauge rods) and traverse screw 
  • Pullover rolls
  • Entry material guide
  • 2 side pass stands 
  • Light Curtain with controller/safety relay to cover open mill bed and tooling
  • Roller lubrication system

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