Accu-Rack™ 75 HP

Accu-Rack™ 75 HP

TEKFAB Accu-Rack™ 75 HP

The Accu-Rack™ is a servo-controlled, flying hydraulic carriage with space for up to 6 press-heads for silmultaneous or multiple post-punching & cutting operations.  

The Accu-Rack™ is designed to be integrated into an existing rollforoming system to become a complete system.

General Specs

  • Variable up to 300 FPM
  • System positional accuracy +/- 0.010″


  • Press base
  • 3 Axis adjustable sub-bases
  • Flying carriage with space for up to 6 independent hydraulic presses
  • Closed-loop servo accelerator
  • 2 Base mounted hydraulic accumulators
  • HPU
  • Closed-loop controller

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