Standard Roll Former Rebuild

The TEKFAB rollformer rebuild process is way more than just a nice paint job…

Whether you need a full machine refurbished or one-station at a time, TEKFAB will take care of the process for you. Many of the roll formers in the industry today are not performing as they did when they were originally built – often 40+ years ago, and in most cases the cost to rebuild is justified compared to replacing the machine. Typically, the total cost to rebuild a roll forming mill is 25-75% less expensive than a new machine and can be a good alternative in most applications. 


Our rebuild process addresses all the critical areas of the mill that affects performance like; spindle concentricity, bearing preloads, gearing, drivetrain, machine and shoulder alignment. The following information shows you what steps are taken during a typical TEKFAB rebuild service that is GUARANTEED to perform as good or even better than new…and it also includes a nice paint job!

Standard roll former rebuild service includes:

  • Removing all stands, guards and drive components.
  • Complete disassembly of all driven and outboard stands.
  • Spindles diameters are measured, checked for runout, and a report is provided.


  • Parts are cleaned, degreased and inspected for wear, and a list of recommended replacement parts is provided.


  • All painted parts are sanded or sandblasted to prep for painting or black oxide finish.

  • All turned parts are polished to remove corrosion and improve surface blemishes.

  • All grease ports are cleaned prior to assembly to ensure that the new bearings will not be contaminated.
  • Driven and outboard stands are assembled with new bearings, seals, grease fittings and fasteners.
  • All bearings are properly preloaded to ensure that that there is no bearing endplay present.
  • Top spindles are set parallel to the bottom spindles to ensure accuracy when checking the shoulder alignment.
  • Spindle shoulders are aligned top / bottom within ±.001” of the target dimension with the driven stand fixed on a surface plate and using a precision square and feeler gages to determine shim placements or alignment spacer thicknesses (depending on the design).  We also incorporate a custom shoulder alignment gage and micrometer for this process.
  • If alignment spacers are utilized, a list of the alignment spacer location & thickness is provided.



  • All bearings are greased while being rotated to ensure there is proper lubrication. Gearboxes are filled with EP 460 gear oil and checked for leaks.


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